Firefighter uses beer to save beer

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HOUSTON, TX – A trucker found himself in a tight spot Monday night. He was traveling on Highway 71 near Smithville when the truck’s breaks caught fire.

One man was coming back from Austin with his wife and stopped to help. Lucky for the truck driver, that man was Captain Craig Moreau with the Houston Fire Department.

They tried to put out the fire with the truck’s fire extinguisher, but that only helped a little.

So, they used the next best thing.

“When I asked him what was in the truck, I was thinking about unloading it to keep it from burning up. But he said, no it’s full of beer, and we wound up using the beer to help extinguish the fire,” said Capt. Moreau.

Not a bad solution. Good thing the truck driver wasn’t hauling liquor.

“I mean, if it had been some high proof rum or some vodka, it might have been a different story. But no, the beer is low enough alcohol content that it worked fairly well,” said Capt. Moreau.

It worked so well, it only took about half a case of tallboys. So, there was plenty leftover for, you know, sharing.

“Naw, I hadn’t heard any offers yet, but I’ll take a call anytime they wanna hear,” said Capt. Moreau.

Capt. Moreau posted the pictures of the truck and beer on Facebook, and the story has gone Viral. Guess you could say it has spread like wildfire.

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