The future of technology at CES

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Is your HDTV not enough for you anymore? Maybe you feel the need to upgrade to an ‘ultra’ HDTV?

The newest HDTVs even have curved screens.

These are the types of things seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an annual convention dedicated to showing the newest super-tech products.

Personal drones are in these days, and driver-less cars could be a potential luxury.

Things thought to only be possible in futuristic Steven Spielberg movies are becoming the real deal.

There’s even a baby onesie full of tech!

It might not be what you would think of first when it comes to fancy tech, but it’s new and innovative.

A lot of this stuff won’t be available for retail for quite some time, if ever.

Just take a look at the Google Glass project, announced in 2012 and nearly two years later, it’s still not available for regular consumers.

It may be a while for some of these products, but so far, the future is looking pretty cool.

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