Third Ward post office could close

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HOUSTON, TX – Houston’s Third Ward community is fighting to save its post office.

Word got out the USPS could be making some changes to its station on Southmore, and people aren’t happy about it.

“They’ve taken our schools, they’re taking our pride, and they’re taking our dignity, and now they’re taking the post office. What is the last thing you’re going to take from us?” said Bettie Patterson.

But, not so fast. It’s not gone yet, and it might not be going far.

Dionne Montague, Spokesperson for USPS, said, “We’re not looking at closing the post office. We are looking at relocating it to another facility close by.”

Post Office officials say if it’s moved, it will be in the same zip code.

Plus, the reason seems economical. Mail volume has simply decreased, so the post office is consolidating, not going away.

Mail carriers will work out of a different station, so that won’t change delivery service. But people in the area don’t like the idea of going somewhere else for service.

“There are many retired people in this area who simply cannot travel to another location that’s farther away than this location,” said one resident.

Then there is the historical reason for keeping the station where it is.

“This was where the 13 TSU students planned to come to do the initial sit-in to end segregation and protest the Jim Crow laws,” said William Pieratt Demond.

Area residents can leave comments at the post office, and those will be reviewed. Then a decision will be made.

Until then, folks can keep fighting.

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