Vending machine serves hot burritos, guacamole sold separately

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – Listen up! New technology may change the world as we know it. First there was the steam engine, then the light bulb, now burrito vending machines.

A Mobil station in West Hollywood, California houses Burritobox – the world’s first burrito kiosk.

“This is so weird, and awesome,” says one customer.

For $3 you can choose between six varieties of warm burritos – supposedly 100 % natural with no hormones or antibiotics.

They also have guacamole if you want it; along with Tabasco and sour cream but it’ll cost 50 to 75 cents more.

“Add Tabasco to anything and I think you’ll be alright,” says Robert Recinos.

But how does it taste?

“For the price it’s pretty good- it’s a little bland. I’d probably equate it to a burrito you’d buy and microwave,” says Thomas Gibbons.

Recinos doesn’t ‘think it’ll beat out local spots in L.A. but in a pinch, you can’t go wrong.’

The consensus: these taste as good as you’d expect burritos coming out of a vending machine to taste. Blah.

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