Hop Aboard the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour

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“All aboard!!!”

Time to hop aboard the “World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour” at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Ronnie Linder of the East Texas and Gulf Railroad Model Association says, “I’m a big kid forever. I just love it.”

Some 35,000 people are expected to turn out this weekend to check out model trains of all kinds.
Exhibitors from all over the country are showcasing their products.

Randy Bachmann, the show manager, “If somebody wanted a train set, this is the perfect place to come and get it this weekend.”

The hobby of model railroading is gaining steam.
Railroads helped build America, and the toy train industry seemed to be on the decline, but shows like this help keep the spirit of the railroad alive.
After all there’s just something about making the world come to life on a small scale.

Linder says, “We build, we go to shows, it’s great for the kids . It’s great for adults. It’s just a thing in life we love.”
Bachmann adds, “Something about having a little animated train that’s kind of creating your own world. The animation, the building, the trains gp pplaces. You can make them go through little towns and tunnels..”

Kids loved riding the trains and set their sights on all the miniature worlds brought to life.
Even the older kids remember their childhood playsets.

Paul Calmes with Tin Plate Trackers of Austin says, “I got started in 1956. I got my first Lionel train and I still have it and it still runs.”

Just like the toy train industry itself,  it just keeps chugging along it’s track.

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