Seismic equipment prepared for Seahawks vs. Saints game

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seahawksSEATTLE, WA – Expect tremors during the weekend’s NFL playoffs. Really.  An earthquake.

When the New Orleans Saints take on the Seahawks in Seattle at the loudest stadium in the nation Centurylink Field.

Last month when the Saints came marching in, Seahawks fans rocked the stadium so much it created a seismic event.

So what on earth is going to happen tomorrow, you ask? Well equipment is in place to monitor just that.

Scientists installed two portable seismometers to see if yet another earthquake will register.

If it does, it would be the third time that’s happened! Aside from last month; it happened once before in 2011 in what was dubbed “Beastquake”.

Man, those Seahawks fans are not playin’ around!

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