Couple Asks Internet to Name Their New Baby

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Naming your newborn child is a big deal. One “crazy” father has decided to allow the internet to name his daughter.

Stephen McLaughlin set up the website and invited internet users on the online message board Reddit to submit whatever first and middle names they like.

The names with the most votes when the baby, who is due on April 2, is born will end up on the birth certificate.

However, in order to convince his wife to allow him to handover such an important decision to a world of strangers, McLaughlin said he will have ultimate veto over what is chosen.

Right now the list of front-running first names are Cthulhu, Laquisha, Megatron, Slagathor and Leslie.

The submissions for middle names are just as eclectic, with All-Spark, Le-Dash-A, Pond, Salad and Titanium.

But the current leading contender is a surprisingly “normal-souding” Amelia Mae McLaughlin.

I think this is ridiculous.  Why wouldn’t you name your baby something meaningful? Makes you wonder what other parenting decisions this dad is going to leave to the internet.

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