Hostage situation in Texas City apartments ends in tragedy

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hostageTEXAS CITY, TX – Some scary moments ended in tragedy at an apartment complex in Texas City.

Texas City Police say they were helping the U.S. Marshal’s office execute a warrant on a murder suspect, but the suspect wasn’t going to give up so easily. When authorities got to the Windsor Estate Apartments, the suspect reportedly barricaded himself inside a bedroom with a woman. Police say they tried to negotiate to get them out, but the couple didn’t listen. That’s when police called the SWAT team and hostage negotiators, but the couple wasn’t up for talking. So authorities filled the apartment with tear gas. That forced the female out. She wasn’t hurt, but was taken into custody. As for the male murder suspect, by the time authorities made it inside, it was too late.

“When SWAT officers made entry and they were able to see him, they found him hanging in the closet, on the clothing rods. They immediately cut him down,” said Capt. Joe Stanton, Texas City Police Dept.

A sad ending to what could have been a peaceful standoff.