Judge rejects NFL concussions lawsuit

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nflPHILADELPHIA, PA – Rowdy fans and troubled players, the National Football League definitely has issues to stress about. One of the big issues is money! That’s likely why a U.S. district judge in Philadelphia rejected the league’s $765 million settlement that’s supposed to go to thousands of retired players dealing with serious head trauma. The judge is concerned the sum simply isn’t enough to cover all the players effected.

When you think about it, nearly $800 million is a mere drop in the bucket for the NFL who make about $9 billion. Surely it could spare a measly $1 billion for these guys who are dealing with life-long injuries sustained for our entertainment.

Famed Houston Oilers receiver Curtis Duncan is the latest to join his former colleagues in a separate lawsuit accusing the NFL of negligence and fraud.

As it stands now, players suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease would get $5 million. Those with serious dementia would be paid $3 million, and players 80 years or older would receive about $25,000.