Justin Bieber’s home searched by police, drugs found

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CALABASAS, CA – These days it seems Justin Bieber is known for his dumb antics rather than his music.

A few days ago, neighbors called police after the Biebs allegedly threw eggs at their house. On Tuesday afternoon, LA Sheriff’s deputies carried out a felony warrant to search Bieber’s home.

“It’s a felony crime. I get that it was done with eggs, which makes you feel like it was a lower crime. But a felony crime is a felony crime no matter how you commit it,” said Lt. Dave Thompson, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities said they were looking for anything that could tie Bieber to the vandalism, but they found a little something extra—drugs.

Bieber’s friend, Lil Za was originally arrested for cocaine possession, but authorities now believe the white substance could have been ecstasy. Officials say Bieber isn’t connected to the drugs.

Investigators seized Bieber’s security system, too. They’re looking for video from his security cameras that might show what happened Thursday night during the alleged egg-throwing incident.

If the Biebs is found with egg on his face, he could be facing a fine of more than $20,000. But when you live in a $6.5 million mansion, something tells us that’s like a drop in the bucket.