Man crashes mountain bike, has seven week long erection

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DUBLIN, IRELAND – Dealing with hard times? This guy is.

According to this Irish medical journal report its big problems for a 22-year-old mountain biker from Dublin. He’s stuck in high gear with a seven-week erection following an accident landing him on the crossbar of his bike. After stiffing out the bloody pain and swelling of his nether region, the young man was left with nothing short of a five-week bulge in his biker shorts.

Hard pressed, the saluting soldier took his broken crotch to the hospital. Examinations down yonder show no injury, only a condition called priapism. The genital accident causes high blood flow into the man’s penis resulting in a full time stiffness.

Two weeks later, doctors successfully treat the condition and the man’s hardship dies down. Now the penis patient is free to rise to, well — any occasion.