San Diego Chargers fan donates kidney to other fan

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Charlton Lynch and Louis Munoz first met when they were just kids on a little league team. Years later, they did more than just cross paths at a San Diego Chargers game. As it would turn out, their season ticket seats were right next to each other.

“As I was walking to my seat, I happened to notice him sitting right in the seat next to mine,” Munoz recalled.

The reunion was quite a coincidence, and their friendship and love for the Chargers grew. But all that changed. Louis noticed his pal Charlton hadn’t been showing up to games. That’s when he found out that Charlton was fighting a kidney disease.

“They told me that one day I would be on dialysis and I would need a transplant,” Charlton explained.

That’s when Louis stepped up to get tested to see if he could be a donor. And if their reunion wasn’t enough of a coincidence, turns out Louis was a match. The two men had the kidney transplant late last year. Both are doing fine now. They’re just thankful fate brought them together.