Ammo goes off at courthouse: Not that serious

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HOUSTON – Whoa! What happened at the courthouse?

“Well I just see the ambulance roll up in front, and maybe about ten, 15 minutes later they rolled somebody out and put ’em in the back,” said Michael Harris, who was at the criminal courthouse downtown.

Rumors went flying that a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy accidentally shot herself.

“Gettin’ shot in the courthouse, that’s somethin’ serious,” said Harris.

Fortunately, it wasn’t serious, and nobody shot anybody.

Harris County Sheriff’s officials tell us an evidence technician dropped a bag of ammo in the basement. Some of the ammo went off, as it was likely old.

The technician was checked out by EMS, and she is A-OK.

So, the crisis was averted. Everybody can go on about their business.

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