GED test go digital, kick pen and paper to the curb

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HOUSTON, TX – Have you been wanting to go back and get your GED? You shouldn’t be intimidated.

You’re comfortable with your computer, right?

The old GED test wasn’t enough for most adults to enter the college and career programs they needed, so the 2014 version is being updated.

The biggest change is that the test will be almost exclusively on computer.

Randy Trask, the president of GED Testing, said, “Regardless of income level, regardless of any other factors, students are doing better on computer than they have been on paper and pencil.”

A presentation at Texas Southern University informed Houstonians about some of the changes coming to the GED, like online access, easier scheduling and faster results.

The changes look to be a good thing.

“I think that there had been a lot of fear and concern, as there always is anytime you have a lot of change that’s going to be coming down, but now that we’re to the point where we can actually show people the products and results, I would say that we have the universal acknowledgment that we’re heading down the right path.”

So don’t be scared if you’re thinking about getting your GED. These changes are meant to help you.

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