HISD school board passes mascot policy change

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HOUSTON, TX – The battle of tradition versus political correctness has come to an end for several HISD schools.

For months, the school board has considered prohibiting mascots considered potentially offensive or culturally insensitive.

Thursday night, the school board voted to pass the policy change unanimously.

The four schools and mascots affected are Lamar Redskins, Westbury Rebels, Hamilton Indians and Welch Warriors.

From the beginning, folks have been divided, and pride runs deep on both sides.

“They’re just nicknames. They’re just flat nicknames. They’re not meant to hurt these people who are taking offense of it,” said Joe Koch.

But people do take offense. One of those people is 14 year old Marah Melendez. She said, “It doesn’t honor me. It makes me feel bad.”

“I think it is, you know, it’s the beginning of bringing the history of genocide here in America out in the open. And I think the only way that we can coexist in this world is by having the truth told so that we can learn from history, you know, and move on,” said Steve Melendez.

In the end, it’s just a name change. That morning bell is going to ring either way.

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