Little League coach sues player

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ROSEVILLE, CA – Has the whole world gone crazy? Well, this story might make you wonder.

Little League baseball is supposed to teach kids life lessons like character, loyalty and courage; but a 14-year-old boy in Roseville, California is learning a lot more than that since his coach has stepped to the plate to sue him and his parents.

No, the kid didn’t go “Latrell Sprewell” on the coach. He simply tossed his helmet into the air when he scored the game winning run; sort of like Jeff Kent did in Game 5 of the 2004 NLCS.

Coach Alan Beck, who’s also a chiropractor, says the helmet severed his Achilles’ tendon so he’s suing for negligence, lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Joe Paris, the Little Leaguer’s father said, “I actually thought it was a joke at first. And now I think it’s absurd.”

Raegan Paris, his mom says, “This was just a way he saw, oh maybe some money can come my way.”

Well, that sounds a bit harsh, let’s hear from the doctor.

“I didn’t even know the attorney was asking for 500 grand. I didn’t know that. That’s not something I would ever try to personally sue someone and try to take their goods or their homes. Usually most people have homeowners insurance. Homeowner insurance would’ve taken care of this in a heartbeat,” says Beck.

Oh, of course that’s money free for the taking. NOT!

The case is scheduled to go to court in March; but legal experts believe it’ll be thrown out faster than Carlos Lee trying to steal second base.

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