Man swims with sharks in bird cage

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COOLANGATTA, AUSTRALIA – Would you swim with a shark using only a birdcage for protection?

Doesn’t sound very smart, does it?

Well, these guys decided to do just that and you can probably guess what happened.

Australian twin brothers Shaun and Dean Harrington were shooting an extreme video to promote their surfing and fishing clothing line.

27-year-old Dean decided to use a parrot cage as a funny take on a shark cage.

The brothers had already hooked a large tiger shark.

Shaun put the bird cage over his head and plunged into the water, thinking he was a safe distance away from the shark.

Until the shark lunges at Shaun, who actually uses the bird cage at one point to fend off the ferocious fish!

Dean says he actually thought he was a goner, and that it’s definitely a case of a little fun taking a crazy turn very quickly.

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