Mayor Parker marries longtime partner in California

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PALM SPRINGS, CA – Houston’s top dog, Mayor Annise Parker, has put a ring on it! But she had to go all the way Palm Springs, California to do it, since the Lone Star State hasn’t legalized same-sex marriage yet.

The mayor has previously said she would get married when it was legal in Texas. Obviously, Parker gets the sense that’s going to take be a while.

Mayor Parker and first lady Kathy Hubbard have been together for more than 20 years. Mayor Parker said, “this is a very happy day for us. We have had to wait a very long time to formalize our commitment to each other.”

For the LGBT community, this is a major step.

“Think it’s inspiring for a lot of people who have looked up to her as an elected official and as a leader in our community, that she’s gone off and she’s done the one thing that we’ve all been hoping for and trying to get for quite so many years,” said Noel Freeman, President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.

But those who are opposed to same-sex marriage see it quite differently.

“We just find it troubling that she has to fly to another state and perform a ceremony that is illegal in State of Texas, with (what) we know, the intent to come back here, to try to continue to undermine our own state constitution that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.”

We’re not sure if the timing of this marriage is due to any political implications, but whatever, Happy Honeymoon.

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