Spend Valentine’s Day with the Pope

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VATICAN CITY – Looking for the hottest place to take your lover this coming Valentine’s Day? Well, if we tell you some old guy wants to invite adventurous young couples over to his luxurious digs for a little get together on the most romantic day of the year, the name Hugh Hefner might come to mind. But no, the geezer calling for this gathering isn’t a playboy, he’s the Pontiff!

Pope Francis is inviting engaged heterosexual couples to Vatican City on February the 14th for a special meeting with his Eminence. Announcements of this event, called “The Joy of Yes Forever” features silhouettes of a man and woman in a tight embrace. The Pope and his invited guests will be honoring Saint Valentine, a priest who is martyred for secretly marring couples in the Christian faith during the Middle Ages. Those who want to attend to party must RSVP with the Papacy by January 30th.

So if you want to celebrate Valentine’s day at Vatican City with the Pope, sign up. Cause remember, the chocolates and champagne, roses and hotel room will still be there the following night.

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