Another day, another problem for NJ Governor Chris Christie and camp

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HOBOKEN, NJ – Things for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are going from bad to worse.

Still fresh off his ‘Bridgegate’ scandal, now a New Jersey mayor is accusing Governor Christie of withholding Superstorm Sandy aid from her town – Hoboken.

Dawn Zimmer says Christie and company threatened to hold relief funds hostage unless she approved a project with real estate developer, The Rockefeller Group.

“She came – and when the lieutenant governor comes, pulls you aside in a parking lot and says, ‘these two things are connected, I know it shouldn’t be but they are, and if you tell anyone I’ll deny it.’  She felt almost guilty about saying it. She knows it’s wrong but that is exactly what they’re trying to do,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

But, Christie’s camp says that’s not what they tried to do.

In fact, they say Zimmer’s claims are nothing but ‘partisan politics.’ And, her town was approved for $70-million in aid of the $100-million requested.

Either way, if these claims turn out to be true, along with the ‘Bridgegate’ fiasco, Krispy Kreme might as well kiss his 2016 White House dreams goodbye.