Russian President Putin says gays will be safe at Olympics while video threatens visitors

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are set to kick off next month. And, with that, Russian President Vladimir Putin is puttin’ on a show.

He is offering gays some re-assurance…kind of.

In an interview posted on the Kremlin, Putin says discrimination against gays and fans in town for the games will not be tolerated even though the country’s law which makes it illegal to tell kids about gay equality still stands.

Putin says the law is all about banning propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia, thus, suggesting that gays are more likely to abuse kids.

Putin went on to say that Russia saw more births than deaths last year for the first time in two decades. And, he’s crediting that largely to the country’s ban on gay propaganda.

But, it seems like Putin’s views are pretty harsh and twisted, to say the least. And, the only good thing to come from the situation, seems like, is that at least the athletes will be safe, right?

Maybe not.

A video posted on a Jihadi website shows two men, possibly linked to last month’s back-to-back bombings in Volograd, promising “a present” for those who visit the Olympics.

When asked about protection from terrorists during the games, Putin has said he has a perfect understanding of the threat and how to stop it.

Let’s hope for the sake of those at the games… he’s telling the truth.