Off-duty officer shoots, kills man wearing hoodie

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HOUSTON, TX – It sounds a little too familiar to some, a black man wearing a hoodie shot to death.

We’re not talking about Trayvon Martin, this happened right here in Houston.

But what exactly happened depends on who you’re talking to.

According to Houston police, an uniformed officer was hired to work security at a shopping center in Northwest Houston that had recently been hit by a bunch of robberies.

The suspects in those robberies have been described as black males wearing hoodies, so when the officer spotted a black man wearing a hoodie he approached with caution.

Houston Police said the man, 26-year-old Jordan Baker became combative when the officer tried to talk to him, putting his hands in his waistband and charging toward the officer allegedly telling him “I’m not going to jail.” That’s when police said the officer feared for his life and shot Baker, killing him.

But Baker’s family claims the story just doesn’t add up and they’re calling for a federal probe and special prosecutor to investigate his death, which they say could have easily been prevented.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland released the following statement in response:

“HPD always places the highest regard on the preservation of human life and regrets the loss of any life in these dangerous encounters. In this particular incident, a weapon was not recovered.
But, it is important to note that any police officer’s decision and justification to use deadly force is not absolute on whether the suspect is armed with a weapon. There is no federal, state law nor police training that requires a suspect to be armed. The justification to use deadly force is based on the officer’s perception given the specific circumstances surrounding the incident.
Like all officer-involved shootings, this incident will be thoroughly investigated by the Homicide and Internal Affairs Divisions and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. With all that stated, we ask those casting judgment to withhold doing so until all the facts are gathered in this investigation.”

No matter which side you believe, the fact remains that a young man is dead and the family just wants to know why.

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