Carl Lewis claims Chris Christie DQ’d him from race

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TRENTON, NJ – Forget the race to the White House, right now there’s a race to run down New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As Christie was being sworn into office, Bridgegate and Sandygate threatened to steal the spotlight.

If you haven’t heard about Sandygate the Hoboken Mayor has accused Christie’s Lieutenant Governor of withholding Hurricane Sandy funds unless she supported a new development project. In response, two state investigations on his administration’s alleged abuse of power have now been combined.

The latest player to jump in the get Christie race is 10-time Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis. Though we consider the U of H legend a Houstonian, he’s actually from New Jersey.

Lewis contends, in 2011 Governor Christie was going to appoint him as New Jersey’s first physical fitness ambassador – at least until Lewis decided to run for State Senate against Christie’s pal, Dawn Addiego. The sprinter told the New York Daily News,Christie felt the post was a “carrot he could pull away.” Whether that’s true or not, one hurdle the Olympian couldn’t clear – a court ruled he didn’t meet Jersey residency requirements, so he had to withdraw from the race.

Lewis is now back living in H-town and coaching at his alma mater. Whether Christie or his minions were involved we may never know and so far Christie hasn’t commented on the issue.

If Christie can survive these scandals, he still might have a chance to make a run at the Presidency.

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