China flight attendants dance in the middle of the airport

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CHINA – Festival travel rush, during which Chinese people journey back home during the same week to meet up with their families, started began last week.

Passengers at the Chinese capital’s Beijing Nanyuan Airport froze in their tracks as flight attendants suddenly began dancing to music. The flight attendants, all from China United Airlines, said they performed the eight-minute dance routine as a holiday greeting to travelers.

One airline worker said the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush saw almost two times as many people traveling through the airport as last year.

On the same day, stewardesses at east China’s Nanjing Lukou International Airport also danced for passengers to mark the start of the busy travel period.

According to China’s civil aviation authority, passenger volumes during the Spring Festival travel rush from Jan. 16 to Feb. 24 are expected to reach 42 million. The Civil Aviation Administration has added 428 extra flights between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan as well as 802 extra international flights to deal with the heightened holiday travel.

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