Florida GOP candidate thinks Obama should be hanged

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL – It would seem a pretty good sign that you’re off track when this happens: “I’m getting all kinds of hate mail all over Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve got the Secret Service waiting for me when I get home,” says Joshua Black.

Black is a registered Republican, and he is running for office in Florida. He has been outspoken about the current administration, particularly the way President Obama has killed a few terrorists with drones.

“When the president executed Anwar al-Aulaqi and his son in two separate incidents, he didn’t go through a jury process to see if this man was actually guilty of anything,” says Black.

So Black’s solution?

“I have said that the President should face the death penalty for his criminal activity for about a year.”

The only reason we’re even telling you this story is because Black’s been posting a series of vulgar tweets.  They say things like: “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high” and “His end should be the firing squad.” And because he is running for office.

Other Floridian politicians are distancing themselves from Black, republicans included.

“Calling for the execution of our president was just beyond the pale and disgusting,” says Chris Latvala, also a candidate for the Florida House.

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