Janitor creates incredible maze over 7 years

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JAPAN – Some people have hobbies, other folks can be obsessive. So what happens when the two cross paths?

Thanks to Japanese Twitter user @kya7y, this recently discovered 30-year-old, hand drawn, piece of art is being deemed the most complex, unbelievable and probably most unsolvable maze ever.

So logically, the man who drew this must be a genius.

Well smarty-pants, this genius is a janitor at a public university in Japan. That’s according to his daughter, who discovered the drawing packed away in her father’s stuff. He drew the incredibly intricate and mesmerizing maze during his spare time over the course of seven years.

The daughter wishes her family to remain anonymous, but now wants to share her father’s amazing creation with the world. For money, that is.

Super solvers can buy the 34 by 24 inch maze for $40 here.

Be warned though, the maze is on back order and could take a few weeks to find its way out to you. And if you’re having trouble solving it; try the right-hand rule. Works every time.

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