No need to stop & shop… call Lazy Delivery!

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GAINESVILLE, FL – Looking at inventions like the Walking Sleeping Bag, the Potty Putter, or the Goldfish Walker (yes, they’re real inventions) it’s proof that people will pay for just about anything.

Fortunately, it looks like all that education isn’t going to waste at the University of Florida. A group of U.F. students saw a need, and now they’re capitalizing on it.

They started “Lazy Delivery.”

A service that shops for groceries and the like, for college students without a car (or a sense of direction) who just don’t have the time. From the grocery store to the dorm room, a small fee gets students the items they need, and it’s giving other a little extra running-around money.

In just six-months Lazy Delivery has already hired 11 students to do the ‘flying’ for those doing the ‘buying’.

An excellent example of two things. Capitalism is alive and well, and humanity is bound and determined to end up like the people in Walle!

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