Alabama Football Star’s Offensive Tweet

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Can we say personal foul?! For some stupid reason University of Alabama running back Kenyan Drake took to Twitter and decided to tackle women and their knowledge of sports. Here’s his profound tweet:

“Most girls like basketball more than football bc they can follow it alot easier.”

Say what?! First of all, completely random. Second of all, what the heck does this tweet even mean? Clearly he isn’t on an academic scholarship. Just say’n. So let me get this straight Kenyan, because I am a woman I can understand the inner-workings of basketball easier than football? Is that because women can play basketball?

Well news flash Kenyan. I’m a woman, and I understand the game of football. Oh and this may come as a shock to you, I also understand the game of basketball, baseball, and soccer. Honey, any sport involving balls, I know. And I also know that you don’t have any.

Here’s another lilt id bit for you Kenyan. 45% of the NFL’s fan base are women. Yes we have vaginas and we like football. I know Kenyan, your brain must be hurting with all of this information. But let me give you a little two-minute warning (yes I know what that is) why don’t you delete the tweet and focus on what you do best running. Because goodness knows no woman has this running back’s back.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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