Death toll from senior center fire likely to rise

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L’ISLE-VERTE, CANADA – It’s been several days since a fire ripped through a senior home in Canada, but the number of those who died is still unknown.

According to Quebec Provincial Police, at least eight people are confirmed dead, but that number could rise as high as 32.

Officials explained they wanted to wait to make sure those reported missing weren’t just away from the center at the time of the fire, but it looks like hope is dwindling.

“I think we can assume the worst, but we’re not going to announce any deaths until we’ve recovered the remains.” said Lt. Guy Lapointe.

The three-story senior center was home to residents who used walkers and wheelchairs, and some who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

While trying to figure out just how many people have died, officials are also trying to determine out how the deadly fire started in the first place.

Some believe it was a resident who was smoking while others think it may have been started by a heater or an electrical problem.

But knowing how it started gives little comfort to those who lost everything.

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