Pope’s peace doves attacked as soon as there released

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VATICAN CITY – A hopeful ‘Amen’ turns into a possible bad omen after the Pope released peace doves over the Vatican, only to have the angelic birds immediately attacked by a crow and a seagull. Sometimes birds of a feather shouldn’t flock together!

Sunday prayers started innocently enough, as Pope Francis and two children let a pair of doves loose over St. Peter’s Square while tens of thousands watched. The gesture was meant to symbolize a hope for peace in the war torn Ukraine, but those high hopes were quickly dashed by a gang of angry birds!

The birds of prayer had no chance against these birds of prey, as a black crow chased one of the dainty doves while its partner in crime, a seagull, gnawed on the other one. Not only did the air attack ruffle the feathers of the doves, but also the crowd as they gasped when one of the blessed birds broke free from the grasp of the gull. The other glorified pigeon’s fate is unknown, as it was last seen with the chasing crow tight on its tail.

Was it a battle of good and evil or just the circle of life? Sounds like peace in the Ukraine is hinging on a wing and a prayer.

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