Threats of violence at Sochi Games, and beyond

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SOCHI, RUSSIA – It’s a sad state when the carriers of the Olympic torch have to worry about being torched themselves. But the flame and friends had to short-cut through Dagestan on Monday, and the route wove through a soccer stadium, instead of the streets. Dagestan is reportedly hit by violence almost every day.

In the meantime, officials in Sochi are still searching for the so-called “black widow,” who may already be in the city, possibly planning an attack. Not far away in Ukraine, clashes continue between police and protestors.

More than 10,000 American athletes and spectators are expected to be at the Olympics. Officials say an emergency plan is in place to get them out if need-be.

But, of course, violence can happen anywhere.

A (coincidentally Russian) man living in Pennsylvania was arrested Friday for possessing weapons of mass destruction.¬† Cops say they went to 19-year-old Penn State student Vladislav Miftakhov’s home to look into a reported weed operation. But they found weapons.

Miftakhov allegedly had a homemade bomb and bomb making materials in his place.

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