Who Scored, Who Sucked: Grammy edition

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – There was no better way to start the night than Beyoncé alongside hubby Jay Z “Drunk in Love.” Beyoncé scores, sexy as ever, but gets Grammy blocked when her man and Justin Timberlake beat out Blue Ivy’s mom and dad for best rap song collaboration.

Weirdest collaboration, which somehow sounded good, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” duet with Chicago.

Lorde’s “Royals” scores best song of the year.

Worst time to role a commercial break, the end of the show, as Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Lindsay Buckingham and Queens of the Stone Age all rock the last song of the night. The show was already 45 minutes over. The monumental error also scores best-uncensored tweet after the show, from the angered performers.

Best dance moves Taylor Swift’s sore neck and Yoko Ono getting down during a reunion performance by Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Star.

Worst dressed, Yoko and Madonna for matching mother son pants suits. However, the pop icon scores as maid of honor during a 33 couple wedding ceremony officiated by Queen Latifah.

Best witch, Katy Perry’s performance, which might have doubled as a Salem witch trial reenactment – show that broom whose boss!

Best boots, county crooner Kacey Musgraves taking home best country album and country song.

And the big winner of the night, the French robots, Daft Punk, who scored both record and album of the year. Daft Punk also scores best acceptance speech, with the most intriguing words ever spoken at an awards show – none.

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