Billboard pleads for Texans to draft Johnny Manziel

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HOUSTON, TX – We all know how great the Houston Texans did this year, and by great, we mean awful. So awful in fact that the Texans are graced with the number one pick in the 2014 NFL draft in May. A lot of fans would like to see the Texans grab Johnny Manziel, the Heisman winner of 2012 who has decided to leave College Station for the big show.

Well, there’s now a billboard out there that pleads the Texans to keep Johnny Football in Texas. Houston based lawyer and Texas A&M regent, Tony Buzbee, commissioned the billboard encouraging the Houston Texans to draft Manziel with their first pick. It links to, where you can sign a petition to get Johnny Manziel drafted number one, but it doesn’t exactly work like that guys.

Could Manziel really be a number one pick? Franchise player? There are plenty of concerns about his hieght, attitude and his ability to bring it against experienced pro ballers. The billboard is a good attempt to grab the attention of Bob McNair, but when it comes down to it, nobody really knows what happens behind the Texans’ closed draft doors.