From shotguns to shotgun weddings, Las Vegas’ Gun Store has you covered

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Ahhhh, Las Vegas. A city of gambling, general debauchery, and … assault rifles?

Yup, at The Gun Store, located just a few miles from the famed vegas strip, you can shell out cash for the chance to shoot the types of weapons you normally don’t see outside of the big and small screens.

“We got guns in that people wanted to shoot,” Gun Store owner Bob Irwin says. “Commonly Thompsons and Uzis and AR15s and M16s the things that they see on television or war movies.”

The gun store has amassed quite an arsenal, but don’t worry, owner Bob Irwin is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of his employees and customers.

“Each of these guns is registered to the company, or registered to myself, and are owned by the company,” he says. “The executives here, the people that have access to the guns must be fingerprinted and have background checked, and so forth.”

If you want a chance to test your aim with some of these military-grade weapons, it could cost you a pretty penny.

“We have packages starting from $100 all the way up to $1,000 if you wanna shoot everything.”

But the price isn’t stopping Vegas revelers from making a stop at The Gun Store.

“I’m not allowed at 18 years old to gamble and I’m not allowed to drink,” Gun Store visitor John Kovacs says, “but i can go shoot machine guns and visit strip clubs, which is exactly why I’m here.”

Guns and strippers, what more could you ask for from your Vegas experience, right?

Well … it turns out there is one more service The Gun Store provides…

That other classic Vegas staple – a wedding chapel.

“We actually converted one of the ranges into a wedding chapel and do weddings several times a week now,” Irwin says.

So in other words, whether you’re looking for a shotgun or a shotgun wedding , looks like The Gun Store has you covered.