To legalize or not to legalize marijuana, that’s the question

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Looks like the nation’s is going to pot heads.

Ever since Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana and began raking in the fruits of that labor, it seems many Americans are opening their glassy, red eyes to the benefits of going green.

A Wall Street Journal poll shows more and more states are considering relaxing their marijuana laws.

As 55% of Americans say they favor laws allowing adults to buy small quantities of the sticky-icky from state licensed businesses.

After a vote on medical marijuana in November, Florida could be the first state in the south to legalize the use of pot for health-related reasons.

So, hurry up Governor Perry! Florida may have more cataract sufferers, but they’re not more “open minded” than the Lone Star State.

The garden state, however could get a little greener if State Senator Nicholas Scutari gets his way.

He plans on introducing a bud-bonanza-bill next month that would fully legalize weed, much like Colorado’s done.

While new jersey legalized pot for medicinal use in 2010, weed for fun-sies won’t be an easy sell (at least, in the legislature.)

Governor Chris Christie has said on multiple occasions he’s against legalizing the drug. Clearly, he struggles with the munchies without smoking.

Colorado’s had such monetary success, however, we’re surprised it’s taken this long for more states to catch on. Money doesn’t grow on trees; but it seems the marijuana industry has come pretty damn close.

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  • Bob

    Any negative comment that can be made about cannabis is applicable to alcohol and pharma man-made drugs to an even greater degree. Why must the lies and hypocrisy persist regarding marijuana?

    Cannabis has plenty of verifiable medical uses yet it is still a schedule 1 drug…why? Because big pharma lobbies hard against it. They know that they will not be able to patent nature and control a plant.

    Wake up people, you have been fed lies. Cannabidiol has been shown to turn off cancer development and save lives, help with life threatening seizures in children… Search Dravet Syndrome, among other uses.

    It is time to stop believing the refer madness propaganda and research for yourself to find the truth.

    Stop the lies and legalize! Nature over synthetic!

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