UH Students: Textbook prices are too high

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HOUSTON, TX – Times are tough for just about everyone right now and college students are no exception.

By the time a semester’s worth of tuition gets paid for most students don’t have much left in the ole piggy bank.

Unfortunately, tuition isn’t the only pricey part of college. The textbooks cost a pretty penny too.

Textbook prices have increased 82% over the last decade, and a new survey released by TexPIRG Education Fund found that 65% of students have opted out of buying a textbook because of the price, while nearly half of students say the cost of their books influence which classes they’re taking.

So, instead of letting book prices dictate their futures students at the University of Houston are trying a different approach.

UH Senior Crystal Sowemimo helped students gather in protest at the campus book store. Crystal told us, “We’re… taking photo petitions at the book store and tweeting them to their representatives and pretty much getting the word out that students can’t afford these high textbook prices, and they’re demanding affordable alternatives.”

Alternatives like free online textbooks with an option of paying for a hard copy.

Good for you Coogs! Clearly, you don’t need a college degree to know when you’re getting ripped off.