6-year-old Houston girl found safe after kidnapping

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25573649-sfHOUSTON, TX – You’ve heard of the saying “Here today, gone tomorrow.”

Well, thankfully, that’s not the case for a 6-year-old girl who was kidnapped right in front of her mother’s eyes.

Houston police say the victim’s mother was unloading their vehicle in a garage at an apartment complex on Wirt road, when her daughter wandered off. A man, later identified as Joaquin Ramos, 23, drove by, saw the girl and picked her up before taking off.

“My sister only glimpsed for one minute, two minutes, and she was gone. She was gone,” said the victim’s aunt, Marlene Hernandez.

Police say the girl’s mom saw what happened and tried to chase them down, but it was too late.

Fast forward not even an hour later, the suspect decided to make a stop at a Target store in Memorial City Mall. And, for some reason, let the girl wander into a bathroom where she was able to get some help. However, by the time police showed up, the girl’s kidnapper was nowhere to be found except on candid camera. And, those same pics led to Ramos’ arrest a day later.

“I thank HPD for what they did. They really did such a good job and I thank them, because if it wasn’t for them, my little niece would not be in her home,” said Hernandez.

Hey, we’re just glad the girl is safe and sound.