Houston police chase deep fryer burglars overnight

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fryerHOUSTON, TX- OK, we don’t know if someone really ran out of fried chicken, but what happened in southwest Houston will make you think it.

Police say four men broke into Chef Mart Restaurant Supply off Bissonnet and Highway 59 to steal some deep dryers. When police caught up with them, you know what happened next – the burglars took off in a truck. Only problem, they forgot a pretty important detail before making their great escape.

“During the pursuit, apparently they didn’t close the back of the truck. They had stolen some deep fryers and the deep fryers fell out onto the pavement,” said Lt. Larry Crowson with HPD.

Hmm, so much for that.

A short time later, the suspects’ truck crashed and the four men took off on foot. Police arrested two of the guys while two others got away.

Man, talk about a hot mess, right?!