Justin Bieber turns himself into Toronto police

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TORONTO, CANADA – Oh Bieber! From egging throwing, to drag racing, to this! Justin Bieber turned himself into Toronto police for an assault charge. What ensued when he showed up to the police station was complete and utter Bieber Fever!

According to the police report, the alleged assault happened a month ago after a limo driver picked up the Biebs and a group of his friends from a Toronto nightclub. Things got rowdy and a fight broke out between a passenger and the driver. The driver was allegedly hit several times over the head.

In true Bieber fashion, the story gets worse. The results are in from Bieber’s drug test when he was arrested in Miami, and police say he tested positive for marijuana and Xanex.

All the drama isn’t likely to end soon. Bieber is set to appear in a Toronto court on March 10. You know, keeping him in Canada might not be a problem. That’s according to a petition on the White House’s website. The petition was posted on the “We the People” section after Bieber’s Miami drag racing arrest. People signing the petition want the Biebs deported back to his home country. Since it’s gotten nearly 200,000 signatures, that means the White House must now respond to the petition. Seems like the White House has more pressing issues!

Hey! Can someone give Bieber and winter a call and tell ’em to both stay in Canada! Because after these past couple of weeks, we’re sure tired of both.

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