McDonald’s employee caught selling heroin in Happy Meals

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PITTSBURGH, PA – There are plenty of fast food choices on the McDonald’s menu, but a side order of drugs should definitely not be one of them.

A Pittsburgh woman was arrested for selling heroin while working at the Golden Arches and Mayor McCheese is not pleased!

26-year-old McDonald’s employee, Shantia Dennis, is accused of selling heroin inside of Happy Meals. Yeah, and you thought there fries were addictive!

Pittsburgh police claim the McDealer pushed her product at her Micky D’s job, to users at the drive-through who knew the secret code: “I’d like to order a toy”. They were then told to wait at the first window to receive their especially made for them McFix order. But not everybody is loving it!

Investigators say Dennis’ alleged crime is even more concerning, because she was using a kid’s meal to sell the deadly drug. During a drug buy from Dennis, undercover cops say they found 10 baggies of “H” inside their Happy Meal which cost them a super-sized 82 bucks, 2 dollars for the toy and 80 dollars for the smack! Now that’s something definitely not on the 99 cent menu!

Needless to say, this drug dealer won’t be taking any special request fast-food orders anymore. Good news, because junk food is dangerous enough, even without actual junk in it!