Anorexic Baby Doll?! Critics Say Doll Promotes Eating Disorder

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A baby doll with an eating disorder?

Parents and critics are slamming a doll called “Nenuco Won’t Eat” from the Spain-based manufacturer Famosa.

The cute baby doll shakes her head and keeps her mouth firmly shut when someone tries to feed her.

The feeding spoon contains a magnet that triggers an internal switch, closing the $58 doll’s mouth. But the ‘mother’ can get her to eat by turning the spoon over and pressing it against her lips.

Critics say this doll is encouraging anorexia.

Lynn Grefe, president of the National Eating Disorders Association, based in New York, tells Yahoo Shine: “It seems clear to me they have no clue what eating disorders are, and that they’re not tuned in or well-educated on how life-threatening they can be.” The doll, she adds, “belongs in the garbage.”

Famosa issued a statement:

“In attempting to encourage his or her Nenuco doll to eat, the child learns about healthy eating habits.”

I’m sorry but I feel as though everyone is overacting about this doll. It’s emulating what babies actually do. I mean hello, how many of you have tried to do the “airplane” method so your baby will eat?! Exactly! Kids see you do these things and they emulate that. Unless there is something else going on in their surroundings, I highly doubt this is going to spark an eating disorder.

And trust me I don’t take that lightly. When it comes to eating disorders there’s no “playing” around.

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