Water line break causes problems for Shepherd Forest residents, again

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HOUSTON, TX – Residents in Houston’s Shepherd Forest community are witnessing a bit of a makeover.

A water line busted; which a resident says it’s the fifth occurrence since October and they’re ready to see it permanently fixed.

Alvin Wright with the City of Houston Public Works Department said, “If you look at the record, every time they call we do come and make the repairs.”

The most recent break was on Sunday and residents were scared the cold weather would really cause a problem. Luckily, the worst of the cold weather is behind us, for this week at least, and the problem is in the process of being fixed.

The main issue is the age of the pipes: the pipes here were about 60-years-old.

Workers with the City of Houston are hard at work to get the issue permanently fixed.

The temporary hole on the side of the road is certainly better than a permanent stream in the street.