First ever Porsche found abandoned in warehouse

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STUTTGART, GERMANY – When you think “Porsche” you probably imagine something sporty and fast, but it turns out the first ever Porsche looks a little bit more like something Santa Claus would drive.

You’d think a historical vehicle like the very first Porsche – built by Ferdinand Porsche himself – would be a pretty hot commodity, but … apparently not.

In fact, it was forgotten in a warehouse for about 112 years, until its recent discovery.

Known as the P1, this fast and furious car has a top speed of a whopping…21 miles per hour.

If you’re interested in taking a look at this sweet ride, head on over to the Porsche Museum in Germany, where you can see how far this company has come. From the three-horsepower p1, to an 887 horsepower concept car – what a difference 100 years can make.