How to handle car insurance claims after winter weather

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HOUSTON, TEXAS – So yeah, this week’s weather alert turned out to be kind of a joke.  Although last Friday cars seemed to be ice-skating on the roads.

The Houston Fire Department responded to 505 incidents (many of them vehicle-related) between midnight and noon. So many folks were just waiting at the red light and boom! Rear-ended. So, if you were involved in an accident and didn’t have the proper insurance: all we can say is “bummer”.

“The type of policy that someone has is really just dependent on their needs,” said Guadalupe Ortiz, Insurance Agency Owner with State Farm Insurance. “It’s really important thought that anyone understand what coverages they have and what coverages they don’t have.”

Liability coverage is a must in the State of Texas: if you caused the accident, you’re supposed to pay for the damages. But whether or not you have full coverage, that’s a personal decision. Things like coverage for car rental, medical bills and the size of your deductible, all these depend on the deal you got when you signed.  So in case of an accident:

“Stay calm, take as many notes as possible, make sure that you and the passengers are not injured and contact the authorities,” explained Ortiz.

Some extra tips: make notes of the license plate of the other vehicle and the insurance information, take photos of all the damages, count how many people are in the other vehicle and call the police department, they will advise you of anything else you may need to do.  So now you know: drive carefully.  You don’t wanna end up a statistic.