The Super Bowl is just as much about the ads as the game

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Big bets are placed on Sunday’s game, but the biggest bets are on names like Budweiser and Coca-Cola!

Forget about the Broncos and the Seahawks; some people are only in it for the advertising.

The stakes are high.

The price of a .30 second spot this year is just upwards of $4 million. With that hefty price tag growing annually, it’s no wonder companies are getting the most out of their investments.

No doubt you’ve seen teasers for some of the spots.

Just like any campaign, some advertisers will succeed, and some will fail. Maybe those advertisers should place a bet before the big game as a fallback?

According to the trend, this year is set to be the most bet-on Super Bowl in NFL history. Denver has been an early favorite and there’s over 300 other Super Bowl-specific bets on the line.

Commercials and betting have become a game of their own, and unlike the football game itself, there can be multiple winners here.