Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday

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MENLO PARK, CA – Before Facebook came along, no one used the word ‘friend’ as a verb.

But now, how often do people ask if they can friend you on social media?

Facebook has changed the way we speak, how we keep in touch, how we stalk our crushes and on Tuesday, it turns 10-years-old.

Little Zuckerberg is all grown up and Facebook has gone from a small office to a bigger campus, from a small project to a public company. Now it’s a staple of the internet with over a billion users, although the company estimates that anywhere from five to twelve percent of user accounts are fake.

The site has certainly seen many changes over the past several years, although some people don’t like the idea of more changes.

There’s no telling where the company will be poking around in another 10 years.

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