NewsFix ‘tech support’ tech report

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LIBERTYVILLE, IL – Consumer Electronic Trade Show — forget it!

MIT Technology Review — it’s for the birds.

NewsFix has stumbled upon two of the greatest ‘tech-supporting’ devices the world has ever known, and we’d like to share with you!

The first device outta the gate (and down the hatch) the Password Pill from Motorola.

Long gone are the days of 47-character passwords to protect your personal information and worrying about hackers. Just pop a pill and you become your own password.

The FDA approved electronic pill is activated by your stomach juice. It begins transmitting an EKG-like signal from your insides automatically unlocking your computer, smartphone, car doors, or anything else your standing close to.

Researchers say it’s safe to take up to 30-times a day.

Speaking of popping things, the device that’s bringing a new meaning to ‘tech support’, is The True Love Tester Bra.

With built in sensors that read a woman’s heart-rate signal, long gone are the days of regrettable one-night stands. The over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder is not coming off without the presence of true-love chemicals. When that true-love sensor reaches a certain point, wa-la! Off like a prom dress!

Hands off until you get the green light though, guys. A girl’s body may say yes, but no still means no! And that’s your NewsFix Tech Report!

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