Photographer finds mystery couple in photos 4 years after wedding

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CITRUS COUNTY, FL – Alright, it’s time for wedding planning 101!

You need a dress, or a tux, an officiant, or a judge, some rings and, oh yeah…maybe a photographer to capture the day, right? Well, maybe not.

Harold and Regina Franks had a big shindig on a beach in Florida almost four years ago. They had everything they needed to make their day extra special. Well, everything but a photographer.

So, during the ceremony, a family member asked a stranger if she could take some pictures. Only problem – that stranger was a stranger who had no way of getting in contact with the newlyweds after their special day.

“Didn’t do a good job of getting contact information,” said Daralyn Teasdale.

So, Daralyn set out to find the Franks because she’d taken some really good pictures and wanted the couple to see them.

“I have always kind of felt bad that I have some great pictures of them and I know nobody else was taking pictures,” said Teasdale.

Thankfully, the Franks’ niece saw Daralyn’s story which led the couple to finally finding their mystery photographer and their wedding pictures.

“I never thought I was going to see them. For her to have the heart to hold on to them, to find us, it is wonderful,” said Regina Franks.

Now, the Franks can move on with their picture perfect, happily ever after.

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