Real-life castaway or fish story?

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EBON ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS – Jose Ivan Alvarengo has quite a fish story to tell.

The Salvadoran (who lives in Mexico) and a teenage companion boarded a 26-foot fiberglass boat in Tapachula, Mexico for a day of shark fishing; but turned out to be more like a scene from “Cast Away” and “All is Lost.”

“He said he’s been out at sea since December 2012,” says U.S. Ambassador Tom Armbruster.

Yes, 2012; that’s 13 months!

Alvarengo says he and his friend lost their engines, were blown off course by winds, got caught in a storm and was left helpless drifting in the Pacific Ocean. A month into the fishing trip from hell Alvarengo says the teenager died.

Alvarengo didn’t say what he did with the body, but before you start thinking Donner party Alvarengo says he ate fish, birds and turtles and drank turtle blood when he had no water.

His journey ended in Ebon Atoll – a tiny island in the Marshall Island about 5,000 miles away Mexico.

If you think he looks pretty good for being lost at sea for 13 months, you’re not alone. Officials are investigating Alvarengo fishing tale to see if it holds water.

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