UIL realignment adds 6A category

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HOUSTON, TX – 5A? That’s now the way of the past. Texas University Interscholastic League is reclassifying the biggest schools as 6A.

It’s a change in name only. Every two years the UIL has to shuffle around some of the football and basketball districts due to enrollment numbers at the schools.

Starting with the 2014-2015 football season, schools now playing six-man football are moving up to class 1A, and all other “A’s” are getting bumped up as well. Schools that were 4A are now 5A and 5A becomes 6A.

This means some rivals will be brought together or possibly split apart. Over in Pearland I.S.D., Dawson will finally get to play city rival Pearland, but Dawson’s rival Friendswood’s jump to 6A means they won’t be playing together anymore.

While longtime rivalries may be split up, it’s all about numbers. Not on the scoreboard, but those in the classroom.

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